2020 - 21 Senior Picture Guidelines


Questions or photo submission: sacrotzer@mpsomaha.org


1. Head and shoulders only. Absolutely NO hands or full body shots. The front view is preferable instead of a side view or back against a wall.

2. Neutral backgrounds are preferable such as gray or brown. While not preferable, brick backgrounds and outdoor shots are acceptable. PLEASE LIMIT BACKGROUND DISTRACTIONS.

3. No objects, such as hats, props, pets, cars, etc, are allowed in the photo. Strapless dresses and shirts are not advised. Cropping might cause the dress/shirt to be cut off.

4. Please leave enough room around the head for proper cropping during the layout.


1. The photo should be in the form of a professional print or a JPEG/PNG image with at least a 300 resolution (please save the senior’s name with last name, first name, studio initials in parentheses--Brown, Carl (BP).

2. If you turn in a hard copy, we prefer wallet sizes but will accept larger pictures as long as they have similar proportions to wallet size. Hard copy photos WILL NOT be returned.

3. Photos should be professional. Photos should be in color.

4. If photos do not follow the above guidelines or if a photo is not received, the yearbook staff reserves the right to use the student’s school ID picture. If you know that you will not meet these specifications, it is advised that you dress nicely for your ID photo in August. We will not use the junior year ID photo.


DUE DATE IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2020 If your photographer does not provide the school with your senior picture, you can do one of the following:


E-mail to sacrotzer@mpsomaha.org (You will receive a confirmation reply within 48 hours. If you don’t, follow up because sometimes filters interfere with emails or the file size is too big.) Place in Sarah Crotzer’s mailbox via the office. Bring to room 1105, which is located in the art hallway. In order to create professional senior picture pages for the yearbook, these specifications need to be strictly followed. If you have questions about these specifications, please contact the journalism adviser. Sarah Crotzer: 402.715.1404 or sacrotzer@mpsomaha.org.