Student Support

Website Resources
40 Developmental Assets

This is the 40 assets website developed by the Search Institute. Many of the activities that take place in Mustang Time are based off the information regarding developmental assets.

Resources Available to Teens (RAFT)  

This booklet is a directory of local resources focused on teenagers’ needs for information on various topics. Crisis support, legal help and referral services,
as well as educational and volunteer opportunities are also included.

 Partnership for a Drug-Free America

A place for teens to check out where they are with drugs and alcohol; to get factual answers about substance abuse; to learn how to talk about their concerns with people who can help.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Visit this site for information on how drugs can affect the brain and body and hear real stories of teens recovery. There are also links to additional information.

Boystown Hotline

Sometimes it seems like nothing is going right - problems with friends, family, or school. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn. Visit this website for support 24/7.

 Phone Numbers
Millard Safe Schools Hotline        (888) 809-4754
Omaha Police                              (402) 444-5600
Boys Town National Hotline         (800) 448-3000

Hopeline Network           (800) SUICIDE or (800) 784-2433

Student Support Groups

Student support groups are available with there is sufficient student interest.  Students should see their counselor if they are interested in participating in a support group.
In the past groups have included:  Grief and Loss; Stress and Anger Management; Family Change/Divorce/Remarriage; and Children of Alcoholics.