Dual Enrollment

What is the Dual Enrollment Program?

Dual enrollment allows academically talented students to earn college credit while earning credit toward high school graduation.  Since 2003, the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and area high schools have partnered to provide this opportunity to students  The courses are taught at the area high school by high school staff who have been selected by UNO to be adjunct faculty.

Why is this Important?

Besides costing less than 1/4 of actual tuition and fees for the same course at UNO, dual enrollment provides the opportunity to earn college credit with a grade while still in high school.  High school students can demonstrate to competitive universities and on scholarship applications that they have succeeded at a high level in a rigorous, accredited college course.  College credit earned in a high school may allow a college student to have more time to pursue college courses for a double major, graduate from college early, or decrease semester course-loads.

What is the Cost of the Dual Enrollment Program?

There is no cost to earn Millard credit and dual enrollment is optional.  Students who elect to earn dual enrollment credit pay tuition at a reduced rate of $250.00 per semester course (based on 2015-16 rates).  Dual enrolled students to not pay an application fee to UNO, but will be required to do so if they apply to attend UNO after high school graduation.  UNO will send a billing statement shortly after course registration explaining how to pay tuition.

Are there scholarships available to cover fees for dual enrollment classes?

Yes, please contact your high school representative to see if you qualify for reduced cost for dual enrollment.

Who Qualifies to Participate in Dual Enrollment?

Any student who is participating in designated courses and has a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0.
How Does One Apply for the Dual Enrollment Program?
Information on enrolling is available from your guidance counselor.  Students must complete a separate dual enrollment application for each class for which they would like to receive credit.  The forms are submitted to the participating teacher and forwarded to UNO by the high school representative.
When is the Deadline to Enroll for Dual Enrollment?
The deadline is two weeks after the dual enrollment is distributed to you class(es).
How does a Student earn Dual Enrollment Credit?
Students must earn a passing grade in the Advanced Placement class and take the corresponding AP exam.  UNO will pay for the cost of the exam for students who are dual enrolled.  Students must sign up for the AP exam through their high school.
How is it Determined which Classes are Available for Dual Enrollment?
The faculty at UNO, district administrators, and the staff at the high schools work together to determine which classes meet the academic requirements of the Dual Enrollment Program.  Your guidance counselor will give you detailed information on eligible classes.
Which High School Grade is Posted on the UNO Transcript?
The letter grade is posted on the UNO transcript.
Will the Courses I Take Through Dual Enrollment Affect my GPA if I Attend College at UNO, UNL, or UNK?
Yes.  Since these are college level courses for which you are receiving credit, the grades will become a part of your cumulative GPA.  If you receive a scholarship that has a minimum GPA requirement dual enrollment courses will be included in that GPA calculation.
Will Dual Enrollment Classes be Accepted by the College the HIgh School Student Plans to Attend?
Acceptance of dual enrollment credit is completely up to each college or university.  When visiting colleges, please ask how they handle dual enrollment credit.  Some universities have a general statement that states the university policy on transfer of credit on their website.