Extended Essay Information


Assessment Criteria
Note that in addition to the general assessment criteria, each IB subject has specific interpretations of the criteria. See "Subject Guides" for more information.
Reading through the advice will help clarify the meaning of the Assessment Criteria.  Some advice:  it is important to look at the assessment criteria throughout the Extended Essay writing process.
Research Questions
This worksheet will help you walk through the Research Question process as you begin your research process.  This step-by-step tool can help you as you narrow from subject to a topic of interest.  Your Extended Essay must continuously refer to the Research Question.  A strong question means a strong start to your essay.
Extended Essay Guide
The official publication from IB, giving detailed information on every aspect of the EE.
This is an excellent resource - complete with details and clarifications on the entire EE process.  It also contains exemplary essays.
Publications on Research and Writing
The practice of academic honesty is the cornerstone of the EE.  Pursuing integrity in the writing process is an important component of academic writing.
Make certain your EE conforms to these IB guidelines when conducting original research.
In your extensive background reading for your EE, you will be using scholarly sources.  This article breaks down what you should look for in the readings you find.  
Really - an excellent resource.
Subject Guides
Make certain that you carefully follow the Subject Guide for your area.  As you formulate your research question AND as you continue writing your essay, make certain that you carefully follow the guidelines.  This is a major component to ensure a successful paper.