Upcoming College Visits

Juniors and Seniors please login to Naviance and review the list on the

home page-"What's New". Register for any college you would like to speak with.


Need help? Go to the Counselors Office and speak with Ms. Jones.


09/13/2022 Creighton University 9:00am

09/13/2022 Army National Guard 10:00am

09/13/2022 Grinnell College 10:30am

09/14/2022 United States Army 9:00am

09/14/2022 University of South Dakota 10:00am

09/15/2022 Hillsdale College 10:00am

09/20/2022 Bellevue University 9:00am

09/21/2022 The University of Chicago 9:00am

09/29/2022 Boston College 10:00am

10/19/2022 Wayne State College 9:00am

10/21/2022 St. Olaf 9:00am

10/25/2022 Virginia Tech 9:00am

10/25/2022 Iowa State University 10:00am

10/25/2022 University of Nebraska Omaha 11:00am