Our caring staff and dedicated administrators are grateful for your trust, patience, and understanding as we embark on what promises to be a challenging but rewarding year ahead.

MNHS has modified our bell schedule moving forward in order to increase social distancing at lunch. We have moved to a new four lunch schedule.


Mustang Time Advisement:  8:45 - 8:55 AM

1st Period:  9:01 - 9:37 AM

2nd Period:  9:43 - 10:21 AM

3rd Period:  10:27 - 11:03 AM

4th Period:  11:09 - 11:45 AM

5th Period:  11:51 - 1:51 PM

1st Lunch - 11:51 AM - 12:21 PM

2nd Lunch - 12:21 PM -12:51 PM

3rd Lunch - 12:51 PM - 1:21 PM

4th Lunch - 1:21 PM - 1:51 PM

6th Period:  1:57 - 2:33 PM

7th Period:  2:39 - 3:15 PM

8th Period:  3:21 - 3:57 PM

Tuesday - Friday

0 Hour:  7:00 - 7:54 AM

1st Period:  8:00 - 8:46 AM

2nd Period:  8:52 - 9:41 AM

3rd Period:  9:47 - 10:33 AM

4th Period:  10:39 - 11:25 AM

5th Period:  11:31 - 1:31 PM

1st Lunch - 11:31 AM - 12:01 PM

2nd Lunch - 12:01 PM -12:31 PM

3rd Lunch - 12:31 PM - 1:01 PM

4th Lunch - 1:01 PM - 1:31 PM

6th Period:  1:37 - 2:23 PM

7th Period:  2:29 - 3:15 PM

8th Period:  3:21 - 4:07 PM

Please know we are doing our best to navigate through these difficult times. We appreciate your help in keeping our schools open and slowing the spread by adhering to the CDC guidance of wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.

Parents and students, please watch the COVID Procedures Video to learn about safety precautions for the start of this school year.  Below, you will find the bell schedule for the first week of school.  Please note, all students will report to Mustang Time (Advisement) at the start of the day.  Seniors will begin their day after Mustang Time.  

All parents and students can access student schedules by logging into ParentVue or StudentVue.  

Please note that masks are mandatory for everyone In addition, parents must make sure that their students have a plan for exiting the campus promptly by 3:30 PM each day unless involved in a supervised activity so that we can disinfect the building each night.  Thank you again, and welcome back!

Information and Forms for the 2020-21 School Year:

Guide to the Mustang Nation

Picture Order Form

After Prom Flyer

Athletic Pre-Participation Clearance Form

2021 Senior Picture Guidelines

2021 Yearbooks

Mustang Booster Club Information

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