MPS Food Service During Closure

The MPS Food Service has created a plan to provide free meals during this school closure.  They have identified the following sites to provide free breakfast and lunch to any child ages 1 - 18:

*Millard North HS
*Millard South HS
*Millard Central MS
*Keith Lutz Horizon High School
*Millard North MS
*Holling Heights

Meal service will begin on Monday March 23, 2020 operating Monday thru Friday offering breakfast and lunch from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm.  We will be serving both breakfast and lunch at the same time, to limit multiple trips for families to the school. This program is open to any child between ages 1 -18 with no proof of eligibility and no information is collected from the students or families.  This program is supported through federal reimbursements through the USDA.

How serving will work:

*Serving will be curb-side pick at the main entry/Door #1 at MNHS
*Students 18 or younger will be able to come and pick up a meal: which will consist of breakfast and lunch. Adults are not included with these meals.
*Staff will prep and package meals for easy pick-up
*Staff will set up by the front doors and wait for families to pull up
*Staff will collect a headcount of students and walk meals out to cars
*This service allows the public to remain outdoors.
*Each site is staffed in compliance with the current social distance guidelines.  During service we will be staging meal distribution at the building entrance.

Thank you.  Please stay healthy and safe!