Metro Area Summer 2021 Enrichment Opportunities

*Due to Covid19 many community events and activities have been changed or canceled.

We encourage parents/guardians to reach out to the specific organizations on this list to confirm the availability of services.

Preschool through 12th Grade

Reading Enrichment Opportunities:

Mathematics/Science Enrichment Opportunities:

Art/Visual-Spatial Enrichment Enrichment Opportunities:

Music Enrichment Opportunities:

  • (Ages 3-18) June-August: School of Rock 402.691.8875

  • (3-5th Grade) July 19-23: SNJ Studio of Music Elementary School Musical Theater Summer

Camp 402.933.1326

  • (6-9th Grades) July 12-16: SNJ Studio of Music Middle School Musical Theater Summer Camp 402.933.1326

Additional Enrichment Opportunities: