AP Testing Update:

Make sure to log onto collegeboard.org for new at-home testing dates and for information on how tests will be administered. See the newest update below:

  • Students need to check the email address they used in signing up for their AP Account. It must be an address that is accessible to external (outside the school) mail.
  • Seniors, remember that your school email will go away this summer. Changes need to be made on your Profile page.
  • · There will be multiple exams each day that will be administered 2 hours apart. So if you have 2 or more exams on one day, you will NOT need to late test; both tests will be taken on the same day.
  • The AP Testing Guide will be out at the end of April. It will give information on the exams, including video demonstrations on how to access the testing system on the exam days.
  • Students who encounter technology problems that make it impossible to test will need to fill out and submit an incident report. The College Board decides if the student will be eligible for the late test.
  • · Students who do not want to take the exam do not need to notify anyone to cancel it (this is a change). When the exam information comes, students just need to ignore it. You will not be charged for unopened exams. DO NOT open them.
  • If a student paid for the exam, and the student does not take the exam he/she paid for, refunds will be given after the school is invoiced at the end of June.
  • Students, please make sure you have the correct school code: 281506.
  • If a student wishes to switch AP Calc AB/BC (they have already been signed up for the exam)


  1. Students must enroll in a class section for the “new” course using a join code.
  2. Contact Mrs. Bayne, as College Board must be contacted to open exam registrations, and the student must delete the old exam and register for the new.
  3. The deadline to switch Calc exams is April 20, 2020.