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April PBIS Winners

posted Apr 8, 2019, 7:06 AM by Stephanie Burdic

Today we recognized Korbin Welker, Vanessa Fenton, Ashton Ebke, and Jolee McGlade for being Responsible, Respectful and Ready!

 Korbin was recognized by Bob Yakus for being respectful and kind and inviting a student to his group during class.

 Vanessa was recognized by Megan Tantillo for being respectful and responsible in class and always having a positive attitude!

 Ashton was recognized by Nicole Torralbas for being responsible and helping to clean to coffee cart even after the bell had rang!

 Jolee was recognized by Katie Fusselman for being ready and respectful and offering to work with other students that did not understand the assignment!

 If you see these Mustangs, please tell them good job and to keep up the good work!