As we look forward to After Prom, it is important to look back and remember the reason why After Prom Parties started
in the first place. 
Beth Ann Brooks and Brian Jay McEwen went to a Millard School Prom in 1984 and never returned home.  There were NO planned activities after Prom that night.

After a three-week search covering 50 states and either some foreign countries, the Jeep Wagoneer that Junior Beth Brooks
and Alumnus Brian McEwen were driving to Prom on May 11 was pulled from a muddy creek not five miles from their homes.
The two died on May 12 when the vehicle they were in plunged off a country road where a bridge had been removed to make
way for future Dam Site 20. The Jeep dove 15 feet and settled on its top below another 15 feet of water. It remained
undiscovered for 23 days until June 3.

A desperate search was conducted by air, land and water. More than 200,000 fliers were distributed. Many picked up the
fliers from the Millard Hy-Vee where the couple worked. Button saying, “Have you seen Brian & Beth?” were worn by
every Hy-Vee employees and many involved in the search. Both friends and sheriff’s detectives had even searched the
creek in which they were found. Although the resolution of the tragedy was not the one prayed for, three weeks of
uncertainly and fear were over.


Only loving memories now remain.




Although the tragedy of 1984 did not involve alcohol, we want to create a safe environment for our students.
Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours go into giving our students a night they will never forget. We have
no statistics on how many lives this program may have saved in the last 27 years. Please do not let more accidents
claim the lives of our students.


Your help is greatly needed to continue this tradition. Support can be given in many ways. Consider joining a committee!