Profile 2015-2016
Millard North High School

1010 South 144th Street 
Omaha, NE  68154

Telephone  (402) 715-1365

Main Fax  (402) 715-1336

Counseling Center (402) 715-1379

Counseling Fax (402) 715-1253

 Millard Board of Education

Dave Anderson Mike Kennedy Paul Meyer Mike Pate Linda Poole Patrick Ricketts, Dr. Jim Sutfin, Superintendent

Millard North Administration

Mr. Brian Begley…………………………...Principal 

Mrs. Susan Marlatt………….Asst. Principal Gr. 09
Mrs. Mary Bayne…………….Asst. Principal Gr. 10
Mr. Aaron Bearinger………...Asst. Principal Gr. 11
Mr. Casey Lundgren………...Asst. Principal Gr. 12

Mr. Chad Zimmerman ..........Asst. Principal Activities

Counseling Contacts

Laurie Stackhouse, Dept. Chair   (A-Bt)

Paul Gabel                                  (Bu-Fen) 

Lindsey Zentic                            (Feo-Hud) 

Loel Schettler                             (Hue-Mac) 

Jillian Depue                               (Mad-Pe)

Jodi Therkelsen                          (Pf-Stac) 

Andy Hahn                                  (Stad-Z)

Bill Daughtridge                          IB/DP Coordinator

Amber Ripa                                IB/MYP Coordinator

District Information:

The Millard Public School District  is located in the southwest area of Omaha, Nebraska. The predominantly suburban
residential district serves over 23,549 students, K-12, housed in twenty-five elementary schools, six middle schools
and four high schools. The Millard school district has the reputation of being among the finest districts both in the state
and nation.

Students consistently score very well on national standardized tests. Over 93% of Millard North graduates
go on to higher education. The district has AA Accreditation; the highest recognition awarded by the
Nebraska Department of Education. Millard North is also accredited by the North Central Association of
Colleges and Schools (AdvancEd).


School Information:

Millard North High School opened in 1981 and has won the Excellence in Education Blue Ribbon Recognition Program
sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. Currently, 2,467 students are enrolled at Millard North High School.

Millard North High School is authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) and
the IB Middle Years Program (MYP). The IB Diploma Program is recognized as the most academically rigorous
high school program in the world. Since 1968, the IB program has grown to over 3,927 authorized schools in over
146 countries. The MYP program helps students participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly
interrelated world. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically is as important as learning facts.


Freshmen – 620       Sophomores – 618       Juniors – 611          Seniors – 606


Of the 167 certified staff members at Millard North High School, 37% have a Bachelor’s Degree, 62% have a Master’s Degree,
1% have a Doctorate.

Graduation Requirements 2016:

Students must earn a minimum  of 230 credits in order to graduate from Millard North  High School.  

The  subject  areas and the minimum number of credits a student must earn in each area are listed below: 

English (including 5 for oral communications) - 40 

Math  - 30

Science  -  30

Social Studies - 30

Physical Education/Health - 20

Technology - 5

Fine and Performing Arts - 5

Human Resource - 5

Financial Literacy - 5

Electives - 60


In addition to a minimum of 230 credits to graduate, students must successfully meet the district’s Essential Learner
Outcome (ELO) assessment score requirements in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Upon successful
completion of the required credits, assessments, and personal learning plan, a student shall be eligible for a graduation
diploma from the Millard Public Schools.


Marking System:

1 = A =  93 – 100%   = 20 mark points

2 = B =  85 – 92%    = 15 mark points

3 = C =  77 – 84%    = 10 mark points

4 = D =  69 – 76%    =   5 mark points

5 = F =    0 – 68%    =   0 mark points

Class rank is determined by Total Class Rank Points. The GPA multiplied by the total Mark Points equals Total Class Rank

The listing of Total Class Rank Points from highest to lowest determines the class rank of each student. AP and IB
courses  are weighted and receive an extra five mark points. Each student’s class  rank information is located in
the upper left-hand corner of his or her school transcript.


Honors Courses: 14

Hon English 9, Hon English 10, Hon German II, Hon German III, Hon German IV, Hon French II, Hon French III,
Hon  French IV, Hon Spanish II, Hon Spanish III, Hon Spanish IV, Hon Geometry, Hon Algebra II, Hon Pre-Calculus


IB Diploma Courses: 23

IB English A Literature HL, IB Spanish B SL, IB French B SL, IB German B SL, IB Latin SL,
IB 20th Century World History Topics SL/HL I, IB History of Americas HL, IB Psychology SL, IB Biology SL/HL,
IB Chemistry HL, IB Physics SL/HL, IB Math Studies SL, IB Mathematics SL/HL, IB Visual Arts SL/HL,
IB Film SL/HL, IB Music SL, IB Theory of Knowledge


Advanced Placement Courses: 26

AP Computer Science AB, AP Macro Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP English Literature and Composition,
AP English Language and Composition, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Music Theory, 
AP Biology,AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Environmental Science, AP European History,
AP US History,
AP World History, AP US Government, AP Psychology,AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Human Geography, AP German Language,AP French Language, AP Spanish Language, AP Latin,
AP Japanese Language and

CEEB Code: 281-506

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) 2015






Cr. Read













ACT (American College Test) 2015 

630 Students Tested in 2014 - 15

              NAT                   STATE                     MNHS

English             20.4                    21.1                           22.3 

Math                20.8                    21.0                          22.6

Reading            21.4                   21.6                          23.0

        20.9                    21.9                          23.0

Composite        21.0
                   21,5                           22.9

Omaha World Herald Regional Academic Team Nominations: MNHS

Minimum Qualifications 32 on ACT or 2080 on SAT

2011………58 Students

2012 ..........58 Students

2013...........51 Students

2014...........67 Students

2015...........62 Students


Profile of the Class of 2015

Graduates –579

Plan to attend 2-year colleges - 18.1% Plan to attend 4-year colleges – 74.8% Other –8.3%

Attend Nebraska Colleges (4 yr) –66.5%

Attend Out-of-State          (4 yr) -26.4%


GPA Percentage Class of 2015

Summa Cum Laude                         13%

Magna Cum Laude                           11%

Cum laude                                        13%

National Merit 2015

National Merit Semi-Finalists.............. 13

National Merit Commended.................  8



Scholarships Awarded in 2015

Number of Scholarships.................... 944

Approx. $ Value ................. $24,555,058

Per college-bound student ........ $19,572 Number of College bound Students.. 538


Information in this brochure compiled as of October, 2015