Mr. Brian Begley

 402-715-1411 -

Assumes responsibility for the school and educational program.

Provides for effective instructional leadership, including monitoring student performance relative to assessments, and ensuring that the written curriculum is the taught, assessed curriculum.

Provides for effective selection, induction, and continual staff development of all personnel.

Assumes leadership responsibilities for the development and improvement of staff.

Provides for effective evaluation of all personnel.

Provides leadership for positive educational change.

Communicates and promotes standards of performance.

Assists staff with the use of data to make educational improvement decisions


Budgets time to achieve balance between administrative and supervisory duties.

Identifies needed changes and improvement in school plant.

Provides sound fiscal management of building resources and programs.

Utilizes effective practices to promote desirable student conduct.

Demonstrates effective skills in problem analysis, decisionmaking, and judgment.

Demonstrates effective communication skills

Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with students, staff, and community.

Promotes and nurtures a positive interpersonal climate in the school building.

Implements district programs, policies, and procedures.

Participates in professional growth activities.

Holds high expectations for self as evidenced by modeling positive work habits and behaviors.

Assumes responsibilities outside the school as related to school matters.

Mrs. Mary Bayne
Assistant Principal


10th Grade Students - 402-715-1369 -

Student behavior including attendance and tardies-to-school for 10th-grade students

Administrative departmental liaison and appraisal of assigned staff: Math and SPED

Coordinates curriculum and instructional programs

Coordinates curriculum publications

Coordinates International Baccalaureate Diploma and Middle Years programs

Coordinates Advanced Placement program

Coordinates staff induction program

Coordinates new teacher orientation

Coordinates student teachers

Coordinates guest speakers

Coordinates supplemental classroom materials

Assists with MSS Behavior

Mr. Aaron Bearinger 
Assistant Principal

11th Grade Students  - 402-715-1219 - 

 Student behavior including attendance and tardies-to-school for 11th-grade students

Administrative departmental liaison and appraisal of assigned staff: Counseling and Science

Coordinates the development of the Master Schedule

Coordinates all data processing activities related to student registration, record keeping and accounting

Administrative departmental liaison and appraisal of guidance services staff

Coordinates all non-teaching assignments for teachers

Coordinates parent-teachers and registration/advisement conferences

Coordinates lunch schedules/locker assignments

Coordinates 8th to 9th grade transitional activities

Coordinates daily substitute coverage

Coordinates Mustang Time

Mrs. Susan Marlatt
Assistant Principal 

9th Grade Students - 402-715-1410 -

Student behavior including attendance and tardies-to-school for 9th-grade students

Supervises office staff, health office

Administrative departmental liaison and appraisal of assigned staff: Art, Business and World Languages

Coordinates staff development focusing on curriculum and instruction

Helps coordinate the building budget

Coordinates MTSS Behavior

Coordinates fall orientation including student ID's and pictures

Publishes student/parent handbook

Assists with AP/IB testing

Ms. Ripa 

12th Grade Students

Student behavior including attendance and tardies-to-school for 12th-grade students

IEP Meetings

PLP/Naviance Issues


 Mr. Chad Zimmerman
Assistant Principal

Athletics and Activities
 - 402-715-1370 -

Coordinates all aspects of activity and athletic programs including scheduling

Administrative departmental liaison and appraisal of assigned staff: Physical Education, Music, Industrial

Tech, and Performing Arts, coaches and sponsors

Coordinates with all booster organizations

Coordinates school and community use of facilities

Assigns personnel for the supervision of activities

Coordinates concession stand schedule

Publicizes and promotes school activities and athletic programs

Coordinates activity and athletics budgeting

Arranges transportation for organizations and athletic teams and coordinates all field trips

Administrative liaison with maintenance and food service staff 

Coordinates facilities and grounds maintenance