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Extended Essay Progress Check #3

Progress Check #3: Accomplish by Friday, May 24, 2019

Evidence: “Solid” Topic Outline and PowerPoint* as evidence of continuing research

Tasks to Accomplish (face-to-face discussion with supervisor and at “Extended Essay Café”:

(1) DISCUSS “Solid” Topic Outline (minimum 2 full pages) for critique & suggestions

(2) PRESENT results of your research so far at “Extended Essay Café”*  

(3) DISCUSS plans for communication during upcoming summer vacation

Grading for Progress Check #3 (counts 10% of ToK grade):

0–10 Total Points Possible = for Timeliness (0-5) + Quality (0-5) of Topic Outline

“Extended Essay Café” requirements, format, and examples are on pages 94-100 of the Extended Essay Course Companion (Oxford 2016).