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Extended Essay Guidelines - Progress Check #7

Progress Check #7: Accomplish by Friday, December 6, 2019

Evidence: Complete FINAL EE,, RPPF FINAL Reflection, Exit Interview

Tasks to Accomplish, for discussion at face-to-face meeting:

        (1)   SUBMIT digitally to EE Supervisor & EE Coordinator FINAL Extended Essay

        (2)   UPLOAD complete FINAL EE to (labeled “StudentName.Final.EE”)

        (3)   COMPLETE and SUBMIT digitally to EE Supervisor: “Final Reflection” on Page 3 of 3 of

Reflections on Planning and Progress Form (RPPF), to initial and date

        (4)   CONDUCT Exit Interview (“Viva Voce”) with EE Supervisor

Grading for Progress Check #7 (counts 10% of ToK grade):

0–10 Total Points Possible = for Timeliness (0-5) + Quality (0-5) of Final Extended Essay