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Extended Essay Guidelines - Progress Check #1

Progress Check #1: Accomplish by Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Evidence: Supervisor Student Mutual Agreement & Research Question Worksheet (RQW)

Tasks to Accomplish (for discussion at face-to-face meeting):

(1)  CHOOSE the General Subject (e.g., English, History, Math, or Physics)

(2)   FIND a Supervisor. Students should have possible topics in mind.

(3)   BEGIN broad preliminary research to develop a tentative Research Question (RQ) - using the Research Question                       Worksheet - before meeting with EE Supervisor.

(4)   DISCUSS with EE Supervisor initial results of broad preliminary research and first draft of tentative Research Question               (RQ) to REVISE the RQ and GUIDE further research.

Grading for Progress Check #1 (counts 10% of ToK grade):

(0–5) for Quality & Timeliness of Preliminary Research

         + (0–5) for Quality & Timeliness of Research Question Worksheet Total Points Possible = 10

Supervisor/Supervisee Accountability Agreement

EE Research Question Worksheet

2020 Progress Checks - Due Dates