All interscholastic sports are divided into three seasons - fall, winter, and spring.
  The division of sports, the date
of the first 
allowed organized practice, and the closing date of the season shall be as follows.  No individual may
participate simultaneously 
in more than one sport per season.  Athletes are not allowed to participate in activities
outside the school while involved in the 
same activity in school, i.e. Cross-Country/Road Races, Football/Air-It-Out
are specific examples.

To be eligible, a student must have passed twenty (20) credits the previous semester and be continuously enrolled
and pass at least twenty (20) credit hours of instruction in the current semester at the school the student represents 
in interscholastic competition.


Those sports with the first allowed organized practice (tryouts) starting August 8th & August 15th :

Boys Tennis-   August 8th – All levels meet at the tennis courts 3:30 pm


Cross Country-August 15thathletes meet in the mezzanine area 3:30 pm


Football        August 8th –lower levels meet 3:30 pm                       

                        Varsity 2nd practice at 3:00 pm – helmets only


Girls Golf     August 8th - athletes meet at Stone Creek Golf Course - 4:00 pm


Softball          August, 8th – athletes meet at MN Softball Field  - 3:30 pm


Volleyball-      August 15th  – athletes meet in the gym - 4:00-6:00 pm



*Reminder:  All required paperwork including Athletic Pre-Participation Clearance Form, Parent permission form,
Paperwork requirement form, emergency information form and transportation form with the non-refundable $60.00
athletic fee must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of practice.



Cross Country                         August 15                                State Meet October 21

Golf, Girls                               August 8                                  State Meet October 10-11

Softball                                   August 8                                  State Meet October 12-14

Tennis, Boys                          August 8                                  State Meet October 13-14

Volleyball, Girls                      August 15                                State Meet November 10-12



Basketball, Boys                      November 14                           State Meet March 9-11

Basketball, Girls                      November 14                           State Meet March 2-4

Swimming/Diving                    November 14                           State Meet February 23-25

Wrestling                                 November 14                           State Meet February 16-18



Baseball                                  February 27                             State Meet May 13, 15-18

Golf, Boys                               February 27                             State Meet May 23-24

Tennis, Girls                           February 27                             State Meet May 18-19

Track                                       February 27                             State Meet May 19-20

Soccer, Boys                           February 27                             State Meet May 10-13, 15-16