Starting Your Project:

1.  Identifying Topic  
4.  Brainstorm Keywords
2. Narrow Topic  
5.  Evaluate and Revise
3. Ask Questions

Identifying Topic:
 Narrowing Topic:

Ask Yourself the Following Questions.  If your Answer to any of them is "no," go back and revise until you can answer
them all with a "yes."
    • Have you selected a topic that is interesting to you and meets the requirements of the assignment?
    • Have you narrowed your topic down or broadened it out so that the research is manageable and your results will fit into the required assignment length?
    • Have you created a list of questions that you hope you can answer with your research?
    • From those questions have you created a list of keywords and phrases, as well as synonyms of those keywords to help you begin your research?

Stephanie Burdic,
May 3, 2016, 6:17 AM